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Airport security is always a concern among travelers and the staff manning the airport. A lot of people prefer to travel through plane and recently there have been many incidents in airports around the world. Hence it is only paramount that airport officials are keen in improving the experience of travelers within airports as well as the relationship between the airport security and staff and those of other employees in the area. Learn more about global entry card, go here. 



Every year the number of passengers increases and as a result there's a strain among old airports and small ones in their infrastructure. These airports may have problems handling the number of people in the coming years. Find out for further details on sentri goes right here.



There are many employees especially within bigger and much busier airports. There are car park staff, flight staff, retail staff, and many more. It may be difficult to keep track of these staff and personnel as regards their location, if the people accessing restricted areas are the right people to access them, and if the right access code or swipe card is given to the right staff, etc. 



It may also be frustrating and tiring to identify the staff through metal detector, x-ray machine, or physical tapping by the security personnel particularly for those staff and personnel who have to access different areas of the airport daily.



Not only is this experience frustrating and time-consuming; it also makes every staff feel like they are under suspicion as they have to access various areas of the airport, and they have to be stopped and physically checked.



It is possible to gain access to several locations of the airport through stolen cards or forced out PIN from employees. These are only some of the ways in which unauthorized people gain access to areas which are restricted to them.



Maintaining security in the airport is labor-intensive. It is costly to secure airports since security personnel have to be hired to check passengers and staff, to patrol the area, and even to check on any suspicious activity. The use of biometrics and facial recognition may make airport security more cost-efficient.



 With the use of new technology, only a few security staff have to undergo verification or security check which makes it possible for airport security personnel to focus only on areas in the airport that can't be reached by these technological security measures.



If there is improved security in the airport, you can expect quicker and more efficient transit in the airport area. This means that better service is provided for passengers and there's better environment for the airport personnel and staff too. Take  a  look at this link for more information.